My E3 Report: Part 3 – More Games

Unlike last year, there was no slack in software this year. That goes for all platforms including Nintendo (strange, but true).

After what I thought was the terrible Wind Wakers game, Nintendo will be releasing a real Legend of Zelda game. Thank God! We’ve had way too many years of dealing with crap Zelda games. We also have Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. I didn’t think the first one was great and I really can’t see how this one will be any better.

PS2 has some great exclusives as usual. Sly Cooper 2, Gran Turismo 4, Devil May Cry 3, Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, and Grand Theft Auto: San Adreas all look to be definitely buys.

Xbox has their own laundry list of exclusives. As if Halo 2 wasn’t enough, let’s throw in Fable, Dead or Alive Ultimate, Conker: Live and Reloaded, and Jade Empire. Oh, and EA has announced an agreement to bring their games to Xbox Live and that can’t be bad.

Then there’s all of the PC games to look out for like Black & White 2, Battlefield 2, Half-Life 2, World of Warcraft, Matrix Online, Everquest 2,

Finally all of the other games for multiple systems like Splinter Cell 3, Metal Gear Solid 3, Driver 3, Burnout 3, Starcraft: Ghost, and Doom 3,

Yup. This year is looking to be a good gaming year. Bring on E3 2005!