My E3 Report: Part 2 – Star Wars

Now time for the games. First off, there was a very good amount of Star Wars games to show off and the truth is everyone of them were good (usually not the case).

You remember all of the huge epic fights from the movies? The ones where hundreds of thousands of things were happening. Well you’re going to be in them and Star Wars Battlefront is going to take you there. Just imagine getting online with, say, 30 other people playing as Clone Troopers and actually fighting against 30 other people in the Clone Wars. It makes you think like you’re not the main focus of the game anymore but a interracial part in something much greater than you could imagine. The feeling is unbelievable. Throw in things like vehicles, bases, an stationary weapons you can use at any time and you have yourself a game.

Need more Star Wars? How about this? You are the ultimate solider trained by the best with access countless weapons and gadgets to aid you in the field. You move with the rest of your squad and are conditioned to do only one thing, fight. You are a Republic Commando. Check out the trailer for this one. It’s truly something to see.

Even more Star Wars? Well ok. Lucas Arts also releases the follow up to arguable the best game of 2003 with Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. I’m just starting to get through the first one but the second one looks like it’s going to be quite a treat. Lucas Arts and SOE will also be releasing the first expansion pack for the massive multiplayer online game Star Wars Galaxies later this year, Star Wars Galaxies: Jump To Lightspeed. It’s extending the virtual world of Galaxies into space with both combat and exploration. I’m very much involved in this game and this is going to be a tremendous add on that I just can’t wait for.