Buddy List Spring Cleaning

I was cleaning house on my AIM buddy list today. Why? I had reached the maximum of 250 buddies per list. There’s no way I have that many people I talk to so it was house cleaning time. Most of them were girls I had met through Hot Or Not or something like that. Don’t really need that anymore so… DELETED! Any, it got me thinking that I still might have my HON account active. I went to the site and, sure enough, I do. Canceled that too. Can ya believe it? I must really be planning on staying with my current girl—— for a while if I deleted all of that.

Did you guys check out the biggest bomb of 2004 yet? Looks like a big old load of crap to me. Halle Berry isn’t even that hot to really have that role to begin with.

So I’m about a month into the new name change for my blog and I’m already hating it. I need help thinking of a new one. Something that still sounds kinda generic but a lot less… feminine. Any suggestions? Seacrest out!