G… G… G… Gmail!!!

Just because I haven’t posted in a month doesn’t mean the site is abandoned. Quite the contrary really. I’ve reworking it yet again. Maybe you’ll see something up by the end of the weekend.

I got myself a Gmail account already and it’s so freakin’ sweet. IE on Windows is rock solid with it but Safari on my Mac is still a little twitchy. It’s mostly contacts management that screws up on me. They could also add in some sort of importing functions to use your current contacts from whatever program you’re using. Other than that, it’s sweet. I don’t mind the ads at all. In fact, they’re so unintrusive and specific, I’m actually enjoying them. As soon as the service gets out of beta and goes public, grab an account.

Send me some e-mails with specific topics so I can play around with the search functions and ads. You can e-mail me at roguegeek@gmail.com. Thanx.