2nd Presidential Debate

7:00pm – I’m currently watching the second Presidential debate. Wish I was smart enough to blog the thing, but the truth is I need time to formulate my thoughts and get them into type. Not fast enough to write it out. What can I say so far? Well, that carpet is real quite an annoying color.

7:05pm – Seems like Bush is a little more on point than he was in the first debate. Is it me or are there like 4 non-white people in the audience?

7:08pm – I came in late here. What are they writing down on those notepads? I’ll bet ya Bush is playing tic-tac-toe with himself. I’ll bet ya anything he’s losing too.

7:11pm – Alright. What the hell? Where are my Simpsons? I want to watch The Simpson.

7:12pm – Oh my god. It’s on everywhere. Every station! (crawled up in a corner with my laptop)

7: 20pm – Alright alright! I’ll watch.

7:33pm – Closing statements already? I missed too much. Anyone know where I can get a video stream of it somewhere? I guess I could just wait until they post the audio on the iTunes Music Store. One thing I could say is this one seemed closer to the definition of a “debate” unlike the first one. They were a little more confrontational than the first. If you had to pick a winner, my initial though would be Kerry. He was definitely more on the offense, just constantly attacking Bush and offering real solutions. Bush seemed like he had to keep explaining himself and his actions. He was better, but still very defensive. I think for the third debate, they should put on those gigantic foam boxing gloves and have them go at it on a log over a water tank filled with sharks… sharks with freakin’ laser beams on their heads.