2nd Presidential Debate Afterthoughts

When watching something like the debates on TV, you have to choose what station to watch it on since it’s on multiple ones. Last night I chose to watch it on CNN. CNN did something that I thought was kind of interesting at first. They had an audience of “undecided” voters all watch the debate together. The host of that audience then started to question them after the debate was over and it seemed for the most part that they were all impressed with Bush enough to the point where they decided on him. In fact, all but about two people in the audience of maybe twenty people said this debate made them finalize their decisions. Scripted maybe? Which station do you guys choose to watch your debates?

Anyway, from reading around it looks pretty split as to who “won” last night. I’m still thinking Kerry. Bush was more comfortable, more coherent, and more in control of himself considering the first debate. Still, he just didn’t answer the questions and kept spouting out one of his many scripted speeches. Kerry was simply more responsive to the questions with an occasional tangent. I can’t remember where I read it, but it was a good line so I’ll use it here. Bush looked like the weak candidate going up against a strong president.