Why is it that a guy and girl can’t get along after a relationship has ended between them? A conversation a friend and I had last weekend about his own situation sparked me to write about this. He’s caught between wanting to be in some way involved with his ex and not wanting to deal with the bullsh*t baggage that goes with it. There’s a whole back story to the thing and it’s way more complicated than it might seem, but I don’t think he’d appreciate me talking about it here for everyone to read. I’ve probably said enough already to piss him off, but oh well. The point I’m trying to make is that I don’t think I’ve seen one relationship that ended where the two parties remained good friends afterwards. I’ve seen this through tons of examples with my friends.

I know I’ve even dealt with the same thing myself. Basically, I’ve tried to be friends as much as possible with my ex. A couple of problems though. I feel stupid every time I talk to her because I know she still thinks I see her the same old way and that’s not even close to being the case anymore. I can’t blame her for it though because I did think that way for a while. More so, though, I think we’re just at that point where she doesn’t care if we continue to remain friends or not. Like I’ve lost all value to her. Well, what are ya going to do? It’s sad in a way considering the investment (and yes, it is an investment) people put into a relationship.

Oh well. You learn with more passing time that relationships come and go. Some are there to fill miscellaneous voids in time and are completely pointless (like current ones). Some are down right evil and unhealthy. Some are huge key frames in your life that you’ll never forget and learn a lot from. What you also learn is that most (not all) are best left concluded.