The Only Way Is The Wrong Way

I got the new Filter album, The Amalgamut, last week. All of their past albums have always been real solid and this one is no exception. Anyway, the reason I bring it up is because there’s one track on it called The Only Way Is The Wrong Way that completely reminds me of a particular person right now and also of another separate relationship (not any of mine) that I know of. The chorus is as follows:

And it feels like that you’re with me or against me,
And it feels like that your promises are all a mess,
And it feels like that to push me is to shove me,
And it feels like that the only way is the wrong way.

So the way I interpret this is that someone has pushed someone else so much and so long to the point where they’re blocked into a corner with only one option left. They know what they must do and they feel like it’s the “wrong way” to go, but at the same time, they know it’s the “only way” left because all other options have been exhausted. I’m the person in the corner and I think it’s the same (although a completely different situation) for this other relationship I know of. Of course, I could be completely wrong.