Thanksgiving Weekend

The 4 day weekend was a nice break from the stressful weeks we’ve been having at work lately. The rest of the year is scheduled so tight, though, and there’s little room for any delays. It’s back to hell tomorrow but until then I can tell ya about the Thanksgiving weekend.

Thanksgiving is always one of the nicer holidays where I just deal with the family. Every year it’s pretty much the same deal. I arrive at my Uncle’s place in a separate car from the rest of the family. The car is key later on in the night when you want to leave early. I immediately find a place on the couch where I can stretch out and stuff myself full of cocktail shrimp and deviled eggs. After about an hour of being courteously awake, I lay out in front of the fireplace and go to sleep until we’re ready to eat. I’m awoken usually by my Mom telling me to get to the table. This is where I actually wish I had a lot more family living around me so there just wasn’t enough room at the table and I could go and eat in front of the TV. After dinner I head on back over to the fireplace to work off the turkey coma I throw myself into every year. Another hour passes until I awake and leave. Thanksgiving done.

Friday rolled around and I get up very late. Very very late. I’m bored so I do the stupidest thing anyone could do the day after Thanksgiving. I go shopping. Call up a friend and we’re off to the mall for a couple hours. Did I mention how much I hate people, especially people in groups? We’re practically boxing our way through mall. Don’t let the little old white ladies fool you either. Their intent to rush is far greater than mine. Mr. Reaper knocks on their back door and they have no problem whacking your feet out with their walkers if it’s gonna get them out of the food court faster. Those tricky bitches.

Saturday comes up and it’s about that time I’m thinking, “I need to buy a lot of Christmas decorations I really don’t need and throw them all over the lawn of my parent’s house.” Head on over to Osh and pick up tons of lights, cables, fake deer, etc… I get to the rent’s place and turn on “festive mode”. I was gonna decorate the place up with a bunch of Jew stars, Hannukah (Channuka, Chaunaka, Chanukah, whatever) candles, and dradles, but I don’t think my super white, super Republican, super Christian family would have found it as amusing and I might have. A friend told me to just throw in a bunch of subliminal 666 references and penis’, so I’ll see what I can do next weekend.

Sunday is here now and I did pretty much nothing. It is the day of rest after all. Went to Ikea with my Mom to pick up a nice stand for the bad ass TV they bought for the living room and that’s about it. It’s just a TV so I’m thinking I’ll get them the DVD player and home theater system for Christmas or something.

That’s it. Anything interesting happen with anyone else?