Nikon D70 (Hopefully) Promises Joy

DP Review: “Nikon today announced that it is ‘working on’ a new budget priced digital SLR, the D70 and a new complementary DX lens… Considering it’s ‘budget price’ and considering the current competition I will make a wild guess that the D70 will be based around the D100 engine with the same six megapixel sensor. Styling hints however do appear to be taken from the D2H. Body only price of the D70 is expected to be $999…”

I will buy this camera when it comes out. I’ve been so tempted lately with the release of Canon’s EOS 300D and the D70 looks to be its direct competitor. If they are using the D100 engine (as the editor believes), I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed and hope they’re doing some sort of tinkering to improve that system because Canon’s 6MP CMOS is definitely superior to Nikon’s 6MP CCD. You know what this means now? It means I can continue to be a Nikon whore. Gimme gimme gimme.