Team America: World Police Review

Political satire delivered with “dick and fart” humor and acted out by puppets. The formula for for a great movie? You bet your sweet ass it is! Team America: World Police is a very obvious attempted by its creators to poke fun at the way the Bush administration has handled terror issues in recent years while at the same time, alienating the celebrities who speak out against it maybe a little too vocally and publicly. Basically, no one is safe with this flick and it’s made even more enjoyable by a soundtrack mostly performed by Trey Parker himself. There is one song he sings that is just dedicated to how bad the Pearl Harbor flick was, how they missed the entire point of the incident, how bad of an actor Ben Affleck is in it, and how Michael Bay should never be allowed to direct another movie again. I absolutely loved every single second of Team America and I’m positive you will too. America… fuck yeah!!!