Storm Watch No Joke

Ok. So I poked a little fun at the local news storm watch reports. I take it back. This is probably the worst I’ve seen it in the last five years. I was driving back from Team America (review to come) and the streets were absolutely flooded. I’m taking maybe 16 inches deep with water. No streets anymore. Just rivers. I’m sure someone is reading this and thinking “that’s nothing” but here in SoCal, that’s definitely something. We had to keep driving around for another half hour just to believe what we were seeing. In fact, the currents were so strong that it broke off one of my hubcaps completely. I’d love to go out there and get a couple of shots right now, but there’s no way I wouldn’t ruin my camera going out there. I’m actually a little worried about the underground parking flooding over. Sure looks like it’s possible. Let’s hope it doesn’t. Oh man. I’m already dreading the drive tomorrow morning.