Scary Day?

Check that out. It’s Friday the 13th. Anything bad happen to anyone yet? I heard girls are 63% more likely to get into car accidents on this day then men are.

So I drove my Acura over to my parent’s place a couple of nights ago because they were gonna have time this week to get the smog check done on it. I’ve been driving around one of my Camaros for the last couple of day which I hate doing because I don’t like putting miles on it. The Acura went in today for the check and guess what? It failed. Big surprise there. Anyway, they said it might be the timing so they fixed that for $75. It ran a lot better but it still didn’t pass smog. Then they put in a new catalytic converter for $175. It finally passed. Those converters are suppose to be changed every 80k miles and I have 180k on that car. Now I can actually register the Acura next week. Joy! Even more money to spend.

A quick update here. I’ve been trying to save up for my home theater system and bike. Seems like I’ll get the HTS right after Christmas and the bike sometime in February which is good anyway because I want to go through the CMSP courses first (another $200) before I actually get the bike.