Die Another Day

Let me get one thing out of the way first. I’m not one of these die hard James Bond fans. Even so, I do know the Bond movie formula. Absolutely impossible action and cheesy one liners wrapped around a completely ridiculous plot that couldn’t possibly ever happen. Die Another Day is no exception to this.


My worst fear going into this movie was watching it turn out to be another shipwreck of a film like the last Bond movie, The World Is Not Enough. In fact, after the trademark opening action sequence, I did think that is was going to be the case again. It really wasn’t all that impressive, but as soon as the title sequence began, it was just non-stop fun for me. The action was creative and way beyond over the top. You could hear me say, “yeah right!” a couple of times during the flick, but hey, it’s a Bond movie. Pierce Brosnan, again, pulls off James Bond excellently. I’m really going to be upset when he decides to stops doing the part. I’m not a big Halle Berry fan, but she just fit the part and was an great Bond girl. Rosamund Pike was just too hot in it also.

My only complaint about it (and this is really nit picking for a lot of people and definitely biased on my part) was the amount of Fords used in the flick. There were NO other cars featured in it what so ever. Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Ford was all you ever saw. Even so, it didn’t really take anything away from the movie for me.

So what do I think? Well, the girls I know who have seen it have all said the same thing. “It’s stupid.” They’re right. It’s very stupid, but I had stupid fun watching it. A movie can’t be bad if you have a constant smile throughout it. This is a great action movie that accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do. Entertain. I’m definitely seeing it again.