NIN & Weez In May

I can think of two great things that are happening in May (besides the fact that I’ll be moving out at the end of that month). After 6 long years, we finally get new Nine Inch Nails in the form of an album entitled With Teeth. Easily my favorite band. The new single, The Hand That Feeds sounds very different from what you would expect from NIN, but still very cool. Unlike most bands, I think NIN gets better with every single album and I’m sure With Teeth is going to knock me on my ass when it’s released May 3rd.

As if that wasn’t, we also get the new Weezer album, Make Believe, on May 10th. The new single, Beverly Hills sounds like classic Weez and I’m positive this one will also not disappoint. If I’m upset about anything, it’s that Weez wont be making their way to SoCal for their tour. Oh well. Still can’t wait for these released in May. Bring it.