Goodbye S66 Already

You know the Siemens S66 I got about a week ago? Well here’s my review. I hate it. It crashes. It doesn’t sync properly with iSync and really not even supported by it in the first place. Bluetooth is very sketchy with it. The user interface is a lot more complicated than it needs to be. Contacts are a pain to deal with. On the up side, it’s a sexy looking phone and with a firmware update to clear out some of the bugs, I can see someone who’d sync it to Windows liking it a lot more. Just not for me, though.

So this being the case, I ordered another phone today in exchange for the S66. I went all out on this one. It’s the Sony Ericsson S710a and I’m positive it’s going to be great. The only thing I’m sort of hesitant about is the swivel design. I’m not a big fan of moving parts on a phone. I’ll guess we’ll see how it works out in a couple of days when I get it in my hands.