New Year's Relapse

It’s back to work already. You would think most people would have this day off but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I guess the up side to the whole deal is it feels like Monday, but is really Friday. I hope everyone had a good New Year’s. I think I had one.

New Year’s Eve started out at work and with some nasty allergic reaction to something. Don’t ask me what because I have no idea. My face was bright ass red and the skin was super rough. It was basically like a real bad sunburn. I couldn’t smile or even blink without hurting. I was only at work for something like 5 hours and left ask quickly as I could. Just wanted to get home and sleep so I could be up and ready for the festivities. That didn’t happen. I hung out with a friend for a little bit before we went over to my parent’s house. Loaded up on food and then took off around 10pm back to my place so I could change and meet up with another friend.

After a brief shower and about 4 quick vodka shots, we were off to some house party. That only took something like an hour to find. We basically walked in around 11:15pm and headed straight to the bar where I loaded up on my vodka tonics. Went downstairs and watched my friend rip his pants on the dance floor. Went back upstairs to do the countdown. Went back downstairs to eat more and hang out. Left around 2am.

At this point, everything is a complete blur and am only telling ya what my friends told me. We’re driving home and I’m calling everyone and their mothers. If I called ya, I’m so sorry. It’s just one of those things I do. I just start going down the list and hitting call. Anyway, my friends tell me as soon as I get up to my place that I basically dropped to the floor and passed out. Good new year’s I guess.

Yesterday, I was basically out of commission. Went over to the parent’s house again to watch the game (there should be no doubt as to who the best in the country is now) and eat dinner. Went home and played video games the rest of the night with a friend before I went to sleep. Now I’m here at work. :(

How was everyone else’s New Year’s?