C6 Arrives… And It Is Good

I’m always able to count on one thing at the start of the new year. All of the new automobile announcements at the North American auto shows in L.A. and Detroit. Detroit is gonna bring us the C6 in a couple of days, but you can already get your first official look here with way more than enough info on it. drool

Considered more of an evolution than revolution, the new Vette carries over many styling cues from the current generation C5, but with modern updates like the flushed headlamps and wheels pushed out even further to the corners of the car. The interior has been completely reworked but retains its great ergonomics. This was by far my biggest complaint about the current C5 with its cheap interior. You can’t talk Vette without talking engines and this new one is definitely something to write home about. The new 6.0 liter LS2 small block V8 pumping out 400 horses powers the 3245 lbs beast. There’s simply no replacement for displacement. Then there’s the Z51 Performance Package that updates the “standard” C6 with better breaks, suspension, and rubber that bring the performance of the car up to par with the awesome C5 Z06.

Umm, yeah. You could say that I’m definitely excited about this thing. Let’s see some pricing please because I want.