Most Incredible News

I have just read the most incredible news here and here. I’m going to try and post this without putting too much puss into it. All Felicity seasons are going to be released on DVD starting with season one on Novemeber 5, 2002! Anyone who knows me also knows how much of a fan I am of this show. And anyone who was fortunate (or unfortunate depending on who you talk to) enough to get extremely personal with me knew exactly how much this show touched me on all levels. It’s the most amazing show and I was terribly saddened to see it leave the air a couple of months ago. Although it was a huge critical success, it never got a mainstream audience. The people who did watch it, though, did it religiously and I’m happy to say I was able to experience ever bit of it. Now, I’ll be able to do the same all over again. already has a page up for the DVDs. Yeah, this did have quite a bit of puss in it.