I purchased the iRock late last Monday with 7 day ground shipping and got it in less than 24 hours yesterday (the Apple Store is damn cool like that). The iRock is basically an FM transmitter that can connect to any mini headphone jack but was made with portable MP3 players in mind. Basically, I can plug it into my iPod, tune into a radio station, and listen to it in my car. It eliminates the need to carry CDs with me anywhere! So how well is it working? Decently well, but there are a couple of problems. It only gives you 4 preset stations to choose from and the strong those station’s signals are, the less quality sound you have. It’s a bit bulky and clumsy because it “hangs” off of the iPod. It also runs off of 2 AAA bateries instead of taking power from the iPod. Most of these problems I can look over, though, because it does work and I don’t have to carry CDs anymore. The iRock is still just a buffer tool until I get the Griffen iTrip in September. It looks like it’s going to clear up all of the little quirks I’m having with the iRock. I can’t wait.