MacWorld Follow-Up

So I got the 1st prediction partially right. Apple updated all of those pieces of software except iChat and they did make it a commercial package (as stated in the 2nd prediction) called iLife. I also got the 3rd prediction right. We now have AirPort Extreme which is a consumer friendly way of saying 802.11g capabilities. The 4th item wasn’t so much a prediction, but there was a strong emphasis on wireless technologies. The 5th prediction was partially right. There is Bluetooth on the high and low end PowerBook and FireWire 800 on the high end PowerBook. My 6th prediction was WAY off the mark. Apple introduced a 17-inch PowerBook that’s set to be a type of desktop replacement. What I’m highly interested in is the 12-inch “ultra portable” PowerBook. I’ve been looking to replace my Pismo and this is exactly what I’m looking for. It’s small, powerful, and super sexy. Other things released were Keynote (a presentation tool like PowerPoint), Final Cut Express (a trimmed down version of Final Cut Pro), and Safari (the Apple-branded web browser made specifically for OSX). All in all, a very exciting show.

I’ll be on my way to the Apple Store tonight to pick up a new AirPort Extreme hub and I’m seriously debating on putting in my order for the 12″ PowerBook. Sofa? What sofa?