MacWorld Fever

Can the tension get anymore exciting? Can the excitement get anymore tense? The MacWorld keynote is only 8 hours away and I can’t wait. The Apple community is going nuts. There are some WILD rumors going around right now and that’s just adding to me going insane. I know one thing at this point. If Apple decides to release anything even close to exciting this morning, I’ll be buying it later on in the day when the Pasadena store has its grand opening. An updated iPod seems to be the consistent rumor, but I’m seeing stuff about an ultra-portable PowerBook too. Like I said, whatever it is, I’m getting it. All of it! Screw the sofa.

Ok, now that I got the wishful thinking out of the way, I’ll lay down some (what I would consider to be) realistic predictions. These aren’t educated guesses. There’s nothing educated about me. They are my “shots in the dark”.

  • Updated iDVD, iMovie, iPhoto, and iChat. (iTunes is excluded)li>iDVD, iMovie, and iPhoto will be commercial>AirPort will be updated to 802.11g (AirPort 2?)li>Strong emphasis on wireless technologies. (802.11g, Bluetooth)li>Hardware revisions will be built-in Bluetooth and FireWire 2 on pro and consumer>There will be NO other hardware updates. (very disappointing)

I wonder how wrong I’ll be. I’m sure I’ll have tons more to say after the keynote. Good luck to us all…