Kia Commercial Girl

I’m a man on a mission. I must have seen this commercial a dozen times and everytime I saw it, I stopped dead in my tracks to watch it. It’s a Kia commercial for the Sonata and it’s got the cutest damn girl you’ve ever seen driving the Sonata (of course). Blonde with a little baby face (how typical coming from me). It goes through her life real quick and shows her with different boyfriends all the time, but with the same car (go figure) and dog. The last scene is her and the dog in the car pulling over because she’s run out of gas. The tow truck pulls up with some guy. The girl looks in her rear view mirror, see the guy, then make the most adorable surprisingly shocked look EVER! Award winning performance if you ask me.

I must find out who this girl is. She’s gonna be a star one day. I’ve been looking all over the internet for this commercial with no luck what so ever. As soon as I find it, though, it’s going right up here.