Just Another Manic Monday, Oooooo

I’m sure I’ve said numerous times before how much I hate Mondays. Well, since I don’t feel like working right now, I’ll give ya a quick update on some stuff going on.

Football has started and after the first week of Pro Football Pick’em, I find myself in a tie for DEAD LAST! It’s not totally done though. We still have tonight’s game and I picked Pittsburgh when the other person picked New England. That means tomorrow, I will either be in deal last still or second to last. Pittsburgh’s rolling this year and I’m pretty confident about tonight though. Did you see that Bears game? Oh man I was up all over my place just screaming my head off. I can’t believe I was about to turn that mess off after the first half. Anything else? Ohh, screw Denver and everyone else who likes them. Go Chicago and Buffalo. Screw Denver, San Francisco, Green Bay, and Minnesota right in their asses!

What else? Still need to find a roommate. If I don’t get one soon, oh well. I’ll just pay for it myself for however long I have to. It will be nice to be able to have a separate room and office anyway. I’m actually kind of hoping no one finds this place so I can live all by myself in my big ass apartment. We’ll see what happens I guess.

The MySQL/PHP stuff is going pretty good right now. Made a couple of simple applications, but nothing spectacular yet. I’m taking it pretty slow because I really want to soak in this stuff. Sure, I could go out there and make a database, but I want to understand every concept the right way. That just takes time. I guess a good analogy of what I don’t want to be is someone who opens up Dreamweaver, makes a site, then says they’re HTML experts. Or someone who puts up an already made template forum and says they know MySQL/PHP. I need to know how and why everything interacts with each other.

I think that’s it for now. I’ll probably put up my “top 5” soon referring to the last post.