Interesting Night

Well I had an interesting night. A friend of mine, his grandma died and so he wasn’t in the best of moods. We all decided to just have a zone out type of night and go see Resident Evil completely hammered. We drink a lot and start walking to the theater. I’m already having problems standing up. Movie didn’t start for a while so we walked over to Denny’s and ate for a little bit. Movie time comes around so we walk back and start standing in line. I’m getting antsy and walk into another theater where they’re playing AvP. Sweet! I’m not watching that stupid ass RE movie. I’m staying right here. Next thing I remember is a security guard waking me up to an empty theater and forcing me out the door. Nice. I can’t see. I can’t even stand. I have no idea where my friends are. Time to take another break right there on the sidewalk. After however long I sleep there, I get up and start to stumble my way home. Not a bad walk. About 4 blocks or so. In the middle of the walk I cross a huge parking lot and think to myself, this is a good time to take another break. I drop in the middle of the lot and fall asleep again. Wake up after god knows how long and walk the rest of the way home straight into bed. I wonder what we’re doing tonight.