I'm Not Dead

Despite what you may be thinking (or wishing), I’m not dead. These past 2 weeks have been some of the most stressful weeks I’ve had in my life and I can’t wait to get home tonight. There’s much to tell but I’m going to wait until I get home to write about it. I finally have something personal to say.

Until then, let me tell you a little about my lunch. Long story short, four of us leave and don’t come back for three hours. We knew we were gonna get shit from the bosses when we got back, so we started thinking about the story to tell them. About 2 blocks away, someone (I can’t remember who) gets this great idea. We pull over and turn off the car. Three of us get out and start pushing while the other person steers it back to work for a block and a half. We’re all laughing our asses off and knew this wasn’t going to work. Still, it was going to be funny enough to soften the blow. We push it into a spot. Someone comes out saying it’s time to buy a new car (the car is like 2 weeks old). We tell them we ran out of gas (still laughing our asses off). Well, after we get in, two of us are called up for a scheduled meeting. We’re asked about the “car problems” after we get upstairs. I thought everyone already thought we were joking. Unfortunately, my friend came up with this elaborate story about how we went to lunch and ran out of gas coming back. I’m resting my head in my hands trying not to laugh. They believe it and even start to tell us where we could find empty gas cans in the building that we can use to go buy gas afterwards. No turning back anymore. Now we have to sell it. So now it’s after the meeting. Two of the guys are getting ready to go to the gas station with those cans to go buy gas and bring it back to put into a car that is full of gas already. Good times.