Here We Go Again

12:40am – And so we begin again.
12:55am – I’ve only been here for a half an hour and already Hien is mentioning delusions of evil spirits in the vending machine.
01:59am – Who said that?!
03:31am – The voices! They begin again. Kill Hien? I must if they ask. The boy will not live through the night.
04:14am – First attack was foiled when I tripped over my own feet. I think he’s onto me now. I must be cautious.
05:02am – The night moves on and my attempts at slaying my coworker have failed. I now turn my attention back to the alter. Oh great Ghosts of Boo, I hear you and I do your bidding.
05:19am – What I said before about the evil spirits in the vending machine, it’s all true. I’ve talked with the dark goddesses that protect the precious potato chips and candy bars. They speak of nice things, but I know they’re evil and I must not take my eyes off them in fear of having my soul sucked from my very body. Mmm. Snickers bar.
05:58am – Hien is no more. The sun is coming once again. The alter is no where near complete. I’ve started to befriend the dark goddesses of the vending machine. The Ghosts of Boo are angry and they will be coming for me soon. I must be prepared.
06:16am – In my right hand, I wield my sword (an aluminum pipe). In my left hand is my shield (a cardboard box). A great battle is on the horizon. I can smell it. Let the ghosts come. This is one human they wont take without force.
06:32am – Stand off. I on one side of the warehouse. The ghosts on the other. Behind me is Sheela, a dark goddess of the vending machine. Together, we will reclaim this land. All of the company depends on me. This morning, blood will be spilled and I will be victorious.
07:09am – We have faught hard. I hold Sheela’s head in my hands, comforting her as she takes her last breath. 7 of the 12 ghosts have fallen and I march back into the field to claim the lives of the remaining 5.
07:28am – 3 more ghosts slain but the last 2 have overpowered me. I am hit and am losing blood quickly. Backed into the server room, I bar the doors shut. Their numerous attempts to break it down will soon succeed and I raise my aluminum pipe for one last fight… one last stand.
07:46am – There is no way out. My God, there is no way out. They are coming…