12 Hours & Counting

12:30am – And so it begins. What am I talking about? Refer to this.
01:05am – One hour gone and I’m already getting hungry.
02:07am – My coworker just left. I’m all alone. I turned off all the lights so no one can see in and I can see out. It’s quiet. Too quiet. Time to break the silence with a little stop to the bathroom.
02:34am – Better, but I’m starting to hear things now. I’m sure it’s just stuff settling, but I could have sworn I heard voices. It’s probably my imagination getting to me. There’s a constant low hum from the vending machine. I’m gonna put on a DVD.
02:47am – Took a walk around the office. There are some God awful smells coming out of the sales offices.
03:02am – 1/4 of the way through the shift already. This is going pretty quick. Not quick enough though. I am hearing some sort of voice. Time to investigate.
03:23am – Something is here. I can feel it.
04:01am – The ghosts of Boo. The legend is true. They call and I must go.
04:29am – They appear in a brilliant flash, completely naked, and larger than life. At least a dozen of them. Their bodies are stiff and smooth. The skin is flat grey, almost painted on. They do no move, as if they’re frozen in time, and there are no recognizable facial features. These are my gods now. The Ghosts of Boo.
05:03am – I have stripped myself of all humanly clothes and now wear the minion uniform: Christmas lights and duct tape. My alter is almost complete and ready for worship. I have been instructed by the spirits to build it 10 stories high and 3 city blocks wide. It’s about 4ft tall right now, but I’m working feverishly. What an awesome sight it with be when complete. All hail the Ghosts of Boo! May all who oppose you burn at the touch of your pale grey fingers.
06:12am – The sun is coming up. I must hurry. The ghosts can’t survive during the day.
08:52am – I guess I must have fallen asleep. Was it all a dream?