Best Buy Tuesday

I haven’t been able to do one of my larger spending sprees on Tuesday for a while now, but today broke that pattern. Enter Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Finding Nemo, John Mayer: Any Given Thursday, and Steven Spielberg Presents: Taken. Mmm, 10 hour mini-series.

I took a little trip to the witch doctors today and boy oh boy, that was a lot of fun. I get there at 2pm with no appointment and leave 3 hours later. The actual examination took no more than 5 minutes. Is this seriously how it’s suppose to work? There’s gotta be a better way to streamline whatever god awful process they’re using to get patients in and out of there. Time for someone to pull out a root cause. The good news is I didn’t have to get any shots (scary needles). The bad news is I have bronchitis. I called the parents to tell them what was going on (because they should at least pretend to be concerned about what happens to their little boy’s life). Apparently I’ve had it many times as a baby. Thanx for the “heads up” Mom and Pop. In turn, I go and steal all of their food, drinks, and toilet paper. It’s nice to live close the the parents. ;)