25 Random Things About Me

I posted this to Facebook back in March 2009 and wanted to post it here so I could update it. There are probably a couple little revisions I’ll want to make in the very near future. Anyways…

1. I love small cars. Mind you not cheap cars, but small cars. There’s something about a minimalist and pure design that I absolutely can’t get over. I’m a big fan of cars that set out to do one thing right and does it extraordinarily right. Trucks, SUVs, big luxury cars, and generally anything with a lot of bells and whistles are for the birds.

2. I am allergic to nickel. I just found this out a couple of weeks ago. Do you have any idea how many things are made with nickel? I now where my belt with the buckle off to the side.

3. I wear only Etnies on my feet. I mean there are a couple of dress shoes here and there and some stuff to work out and run in, but the amount of Etnies I have in my closet are just kinda ridiculous. I love them. They’re the best shoes ever.

4. I’m a boxer briefs guy. I can’t wear boxers at all. My junk needs to be properly secure and not flopping all around. I am testing the no underwear path, though, this week.

5. Felicity is the best show ever. It was J.J. Abrams’ first show and it was brilliant. Every couple of years, I’ll watch the whole series all over again.

6. I’m a romantic at heart. There’s nothing in life more important than truth, freedom, and love.

7. Although I’m not the biggest risk taker in the world, when it comes to love, I will throw everything down on the line in a heartbeat. It’s simply always worth the risk.

8. I love animals and they love me. It’s almost to an unhealthy point. If there is an animal in the room, I will absolutely ignore everything and everyone else.

9. I have a very strong and unhealthy addiction of McDonalds. It’s really bad and I’ve had to force myself to cut back to a couple times a year. During those couple of times, though, look out! I’ll have one of everything please.

10. I’m at a point in my life where ready to find the girl I’ll grow old with. The games and everything that comes with dating life are just boring now. Give me someone with substance I can settle down with.

11. I love healthy arguments and consider myself open minded. These are the types of arguments where the other person and myself are struggling to find understanding and is completely void of any maliciousness. I’ll always walk away from these with a sense of growth and understanding.

12. My bathroom time is precious and beautiful. I get complaints all the time about the time spent in there, but you never rush art.

13. I sit funny. The standard when I sit is my right leg and foot is always curled up under my ass. I’m generally curled up whenever I’m sitting or laying down. It’s probably how I was the most comfortable in the womb.

14. I’m not gay (I know it’s hard to believe), but I have myself a big old man crush on John Mayer and Justin Timberlake. No, I do not want to have sex with them. They’re just my man crushes. My bromances.

15. I’m deathly afraid of needles and clowns. The world will be a better place without either.

16. I have no tattoos, but have slowly been designing one over the last 13 years. If I can ever get over my fear of needles, it’s going to go on my inner right forearm.

17. I want to be a decent at tennis, but absolutely suck right now. Got my ass handed to me by a chick at work, but am working hard to be able to return the ass handing.

18. I will always attempt to embrace whatever I’m feeling head-on. This is particularly the case with sadness and loss. It helps remind me of how alive I am.

19. One of the most enjoyable things for me is experiencing triumph of the human spirit. Whether this is experiencing it first hand or witnessing someone else’s triumph, it’s something I love being a part of.

20. I have a strong desire to do more traveling, but my personal and professional life just hasn’t allowed me the time. I haven’t taken a real vacation for years.

21. I’m not religious, but I have been searching for a spiritual identity for the last several years. I think I may have found something quite enlightening, but am not ready to share that with anyone yet.

22. I’m the funniest person ever to me. It’s important I make myself laugh over anyone else and find humor is almost everything, although it’s definitely not always appropriate. I will take something and embellish it greatly in my mind which will usually make me laugh out loud. It’s not uncommon for people to ask me what I’m laughing at when it doesn’t seem like there’s anything funny happening or if I take a while to laugh at something funny.

23. I think I’m a good hearted person and do my best to never be malicious. I tend to see the good in everyone.

24. If I had to chose a theme song for me and my life, it would be “In Repair” by John Mayer. I’m not together, but I’m getting there.

25. It’s extremely hard for me to talk about myself. This list was very slowly put together over the last couple of week.