Will (insert nastiness here) For Food

Looks like I’m gonna have to handcuff myself to my chair for the rest of the month because I’m officially out of spending money until November. That or pull a “magic” trick, David Blaine style, and lock myself in a container drinking only water. Why? Car registration came in the mail about a week ago and it had a little surprise I wasn’t expecting on it. Well, 4 little surprises to be exact. Turns out I had 4 unpaid parking tickets from 2002 and they needed to be cleared before I could register my car. They could have only costed me a total of $80 if I would have paid them on time, but it looks like the price rose to just over $300. That on top of the my rent being raised, the extra costs to fix the Acura, a cell phone bill that got a little out of control, and the unforeseen food nourishment expenses (you mean I have to eat?)… well it’s just all bad budgeting on my part. I mean I put a good amount aside with every check and then lay out a certain amount to blow away on whatever. It just so happens that I’ve gone through my month’s supply in the first week somehow. If there was ever a reason I need a girl around, it’d be to watch the money flow (heard they’re good at that). I might need to advance my check next week just so I can get out to Arizona for my friend’s firefighter graduation. Oh well. No big deal I guess. As soon as the new month starts, everything is fine again. Until then, I’m gonna have to head on over to the parent’s place and steal every last bit of their food to survive.