Who are you?

“Who are you?” When most people are asked this question, whether it be at a party or some other social or professional setting, we often reply with our name, what kind of work we do, and maybe a quick fact about ourselves. “Hi. My name is Rich. I’m 31 years old, I manage production for an automotive photography studio, and I like movies.”

It’s a common response to what could be considered a common question. Over the past several years, I’ve been finding myself trying to answer this simple question, but with a much different intent. What we do professionally, our likes and our dislikes, even our name or age, do they really dictate who we are? The meaning of the question and its response has evolved greatly over these years for me as I continue to search for some sort of spiritual identity and refine my ideology.

Several years ago, long before I ever started thinking about looking for anything beyond my material and egoistic needs, “Who are you?” would have pulled from me the same response above. Honestly, I would still answer with that response now because most people I’ve run into who ask it are looking for the answers of a simple name, what you do, and something trivial about you.

Today, when asking it of myself, the intent is quite different. Because this seemingly simple question is, in my opinion, very complex to answer, I’ve had to take and break it down into several parts. “Who are you? Why are you here? What are the most important issue in your life?”

Knowing that I haven’t been able to, may never be able to, and don’t even expect to find definitive answers for every single part, I’m going to allow myself attempt to answer as it stands today…

I am a being traveling on the journey of life. I am good to others, good to myself, and good to the Earth. My life’s experiences have and will always show me the way towards giving of myself in ways that hopefully will add to another person’s existence. I am someone who will pave a path for the future by teaching and motivating those who follow through inspiration and not intimidation. I am here to show compassion, love, laugh, and embrace obstacles and failure because they serve to help me grow and expand my life. I am here to give plentifully, receive graciously, and remain passionate for all life. I am not here to focus on a destination, but to enjoy the journey.

I think spending the time in attempting to answer these questions has helped me identify an ideology I wish to follow the rest of my life. I know as the years of my life progress, this is something that I want to refine and continuously improve upon. This ideology, in my opinion, is being a good human and if I am ever seriously asked, “Who are you?” I want to be in a place where I can respond with, “I am a good human.”