What a nice day…

Well, yesterday (I say yesterday because it’s past midnight now) started out to be the normal boring Saturday for me, but ended up being kind of… well… nice.

I got up around 11am which is way so late for me and took care of a couple things around town before going to my parent’s house. I was planning on watching the NASCAR race there at 4pm but it was rain delayed for at least a couple of hours, so I decided to head on over to Best Buy. It’s so hard for me not to spend money in that place and I ended up buying Bandits on DVD, Star Wars Racer Revenge on PS2, and Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds on PC. Ok, so here’s where the nice part starts.

While in the check-out line waiting to put down my hard earned cash (Who am I kidding? I sleep at work.), this girl standing in front of me begins to talk to me about Star Wars and the games I’m buying. Turns out she’s a big Star Wars fan AND she loves video games. Obviously, I’m automatically attracted towards her. Oh but it get’s better. We talk a bit more outside of the store and come to find out that she’s going to the car show tonight at Fudruckers (a local burger place that attracts the white trash like myself) because she loves cars. Interesting. At this point I’m thinking “screw watching the race” and I tell her I’ll meet her there later. So the day goes on. I head back to my parent’s place for a couple more hours before heading back out to the car show. We meet up about a half hour after I’m there and start to bullsh*t back and forth. We talk careers for a split second. I tell her mine and she tells me her. Turns out she’s a digital artist for some design firm in Burbank.

“Ok, let’s lay this out,” I’m thinking to myself. She likes Star Wars, video games, cars, AND she’s a computer geek. It’s like God said, “Hmm, I’m going to make you something nice today Richie.” None of my ex-girlfriends had these interests or traits. It was usually a chore for them to deal with it anytime that stuff came up with me, but this girl would actually enjoy hearing about it?! On top of that, we made plans to talk soon and maybe see each other next week. I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking she’s on crack for wanting to see me again or maybe just imaginary all together. How weird must that have look with me talking to myself in a crowd of people?