Weekly Wrapup

And so the work week quickly comes to a close. I’m sitting here right now trying to quickly cram about 3 months of work into a couple of days before the year is over.

I just finished doing my football picks for the weekend. They’re pretty decent picks and I’m thinking I should have second place by the end of the season. There’s no way I’m catching that first place guy, but I’ll be more than happy with second.

I just found a bunch of old Shockwave movies I made back in the day when I was just learning Flash. They are absolutely terrible but still very amusing to watch so I’ll put those up on my site sometime soon. Please don’t make fun of me too much. I was very very early on. ;)

That storm never came through this week so I’m thinking there might not be as much snow in the mountains as I had planned. I guess we’ll just have to see because I’m going to try and go up there anyway. Gonna take a crap load of pictures so look for that album soon. Also look for my Christmas day album with all the things I was doing with the family. I know that must be so interesting to you.

I’m going out on a “date” tonight. No details right now because I don’t want to pump it up in my mind (or on here) and if it turns out not very interesting, then I probably wont write anything about it. I don’t do the whole “date” thing very well so we’ll see how it goes. I’m more use to the “come over and screw” thing. jk I actually hope it goes ok because this person is more interesting than any of the girls I’ve dated in the last year and a half.

Be back later this weekend with some sort of update. Good luck to us all…