Weekend Update

It’s been damn hot these last couple of days. Down near Long Beach where I work has been ok. The valley where I live, though, has been getting up towards 105. I guess summer finally decided to hit SoCal. I’ll be in Phoenix all weekend and it’s gonna be ten times worse than over here. It’s a dry heat though so you wont feel it when you die.

Comic Con was cool. Ended up spending a lot less than I thought I would. The one thing I’ve noticed over the years is the amount of hot girls there. 10 years ago it was just us male dorks. Now it’s hotties everywhere. People are starting to understand that it’s a lot more than comics and that’s a good thing. I don’t think I’m ever gonna do a Saturday and Sunday trip again. There were just too many people there to enjoy it on Saturday. Next year a Sunday day trip should be just fine.

You know how last week I talked about how much of a mess at work I am? It got so bad yesterday that I took a half a day off. My head hurt. My chest hurt. I couldn’t breathe. I just wasn’t able to function. It sucked. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope the week gets better.