We Tackle the Hard Stuff… Shoes & NASCAR

I’ve noticed how a lot of the blog authors out there talk about what they had for dinner or how their cat is doing. I’m glad I bring up the important issue here.

So I bought shoes. 2 pairs actually. This is indeed a big deal because I haven’t bought any shoes at all for about the last 3 years now. I’m a sandals kind of guy. They’re just normal walk-around shoes. Got tired of the Vans so I went with something a little (but really not that much) different. You can see them here and here. Still need to get a nicer going-out pair, though. I’ll wait for the weekend.

It’s official. I’m heading over to Arizona right after Halloween night to see my good friend graduate to a full on firefighter. Also gonna see the Checker Auto Parts 500 NASCAR race over at Phoenix International Raceway that weekend. It’s gonna be a super red, fun filled weekend. I can’t wait.