Volume Logic Issue w/ Reponse

So I was trying out Volume Logic for some time today but found the volume levels to be so inconsistant while toggling the plug-in on and off. The plug-in was definitely louder and this made doing quality comparisons extremely difficult, so I wrote them:

Me: “Great idea you have here. This is exactly what I was expecting more third-parties to do. I hope it works out well, but why in the world is the volume level with the plug-in turned on so much louder than without it turned on? It’s too hard to compare the quality when toggling the plug-in on and off. Until volume levels get evenned out, there’s no way to tell whether it’s helping or not. Thanx.”

Them: “We’re getting lots of feedback on volume issues. In our testing, most folks preferred a louder setting in general. This does make comparisons hard to do. We’re looking at our options, like adding an output level slider, and reworking our settings.”