Useless Post

I know about 99.9% of the things on here are useless, but I’m feeling like make this post extra useless.

Dr. Laura is a bitch! I happened to catch a half hour or so of her radio show in the car. It’s beyond me to figure out why people need advice from her. Someone needs to get that frigid right wing whore to shut her cock holster.

I’m watching the Lindsay Lohan episode of Driven on VH-1. Man, I almost forgot how gorgeous she is. Definitely a top 3 for me. Watch out for Ali Lohan. Looks like she’s gonna ride the tail end of her big sister’s wave.

You know those Swisher sanitizers you see at the bottom of a public urinal? I noticed last week most of them have “Say No To Drugs” written on them. I always knew it said it, but never really thought about it. Do you think a pee station sanitizer can have that much of an effect on someone’s life?

Picked up the Force FX Darth Vader Lightsaber from Episode V today. I can see a whole lot more money being spent. Damn you Lucas!

Still watching Lindsay Lohan. Still hot!

Anyone else wondering why the newly elected Pope is so damn old? Heard an interesting theory behind it today. I’m sure these last two week have been a huge and much needed boost for the Catholic church. Get an older Pope and let him pope around for the next 10 years. He then steps down or bites it and the church gets another boost. Makes sense to me.

Alright. Done for now.