This is one of…

This is one of those exercises you did back in high school where the teacher asked you to just write. It really didn’t matter about what. Just that you filled up your page.

Which reminds me, we did these journal type deals for the first 10 minutes of our English class. They usually had a theme surrounding them like writing about the previous weekend or starting it with “swallowed by the darkness, I…”. They would almost always end up with my friends and I making fun of each other using the most tasteless of tastes. “Swallowed by the darkness, I tried to grasp the inner wrinkles of Leo’s anus.” Tasteless, but completely hilarious (at the time). We still have most of these journals from high school and were going to adapted them into a visual form to be posted on the net. In fact, that was the original reason I bought, but it never happened.

I’m bailing out of this one because I’m boring myself more than I’m boring anyone who reads it. This is what happens when you force a post.