The Weekend Is Set

So it looks like plans may be set for tomorrow night. No parties. No drinking. A couple friends and one of the friend’s kid is coming over to carve pumpkins early on. After, I think it’s off to Sierra Madre again this year for the festive fun and pumpkin patch. I’d much rather be doing the kids stuff than the adult stuff on Halloween.

Later that night, a friend and I are taking off to Arizona for the weekend to see another friend graduate to a full on firefighter on Saturday and to also see the NASCAR race Sunday. It’ll be nice to breathe some air that’s not ash-filled. Just gonna drive through the night and get there sometime tomorrow morning. It’ll be a nice break. Got 2 still cameras and my camcorder ready to go so I should come back with tons of drunk and naked pictures. I’m sure you can’t wait. Oh joy!

I’ll probably get my last scary movie background up tonight and have it stay like that all weekend. When I get back Sunday night, you should see a brand new theme that will most likely stick around until next spring. I’m pretty happy with it. Definitely my favorite out of the bunch. I’m not artistic in any way, shape, or form so it takes me a while to come up with something that I like. As it turns out, I tend to only like simple, functional designs (especially on blog-type sites), and this next one is no exception.

Tomorrow needs to come quicker.