The Racist Landowning White Imperialist Closet/Homophobe

It’s official. After those first 15 years of my life being hard core Roman Catholic (that included a crap load of boy scout and alter boy years) and another decade to get over that bull crap, I can finally claim I’m agnostic. I could’ve probably claimed it a couple of years ago, but I’m making today the official day. I made my declaration in an AIM chat earlier.

roguegeek: jew
(buddy): dude, im always right (as a jew)
(buddy): certain benefits to being one of the chosen people…
roguegeek: Hey hey! I don’t think I’m catholic anymore.
roguegeek: I think that’s big news. Not sure yet.
(buddy): finally decided you arent down with kiddie rape?
roguegeek: I guess so. Been slipping for several years now. I think it’s official.
(buddy): just tell me you arent ditching catholicism for another religion
roguegeek: No. I’m… nothing I guess.
(buddy): i mean become a buddhist if you need something, but otherwise stay away from all that hoooooooey
roguegeek: like your jewism?
(buddy): yep
(buddy): im not a religious jew, it’s purely heritage for me (and pretty much my whole family have been agnostic jews for generations)
roguegeek: agnostic jew. That has a nice ring to it.
(buddy): fortunately most jews arent religious, just cultural jews
roguegeek: I think I’ll just be agnostic.
(buddy): but the nutty ones get all the attention
(buddy): agnostic is safe
roguegeek: Oh! I could be a jew! That would be funny! See how many people I could get upset.
roguegeek: That’s it. I’m a jew.
(buddy): yeah be a liberal, agnostic jew
(buddy): join the ACLU, enjoy sex and peace…
(buddy): theyll fucking go ape shit
roguegeek: done done and done
roguegeek: Ooo! And I’ll be black.
roguegeek: And gay!
(buddy): done and done
(buddy): you’re there dude
roguegeek: A gay black agnostic liberal jew.
(buddy): the poster child of post-modern america
roguegeek: I’m posting this conversation on my site.
roguegeek: it will be my “coming out of the white straight closest” post.
(buddy): you mean racist landowning white imperialist closet/homophobe
roguegeek: done and done
roguegeek: later jew