The Matrix Reloaded… Mini Review

There is no spoon. There is no story either. The most anticipated movie of 2003 easily becomes one of the most disappointing flicks I have ever seen. Although there are some pretty amazing sequences in The Matrix Reloaded, the one word that kept popping up in my mind was “sloppy”. The cuts were sloppy. The acting was sloppy. The score was sloppy. The story was real sloppy.

My biggest problem was with the continuity between the first film and this one. Forget the fact that Neo learns how to really break and manipulate the matrix code at the end of The Matrix. He seems to have forgotten it completely in Reloaded and there’s no explanation why. My guess is so he can do a lot of very pointless kung fu (and there is a lot of it).

Good points? Sure. The fight sequences are well choreographed. It’s great to watch Neo kick a little ass. Carrie-Anne Moss is very beautiful in it. The French guy (sorry, don’t know his name) was a stand-out performance. Agent Smith is still one of the coolest bad guys ever. All of this was still not enough to save the flick.

Everyone is going to see this movie no matter what. Still, take the blue pill and forget about wonderland. There’s no rabbit hole. Just a bunch of plot holes.