The Happiness List

I’m suppose to start playing the happiness list with myself within the next week, so here we go. I’m sure it will grow over time.

List people you truly enjoy being with who make you smile, validate your goodness and make you feel good just being around them.

  • (TBD)

List places you enjoy being at. It could be a favorite coffee shop, vacation spot, sacred place, hiking trail, your mother’s house, etc…

  • thinking spot off Angeles Crest Highway that overlooks the SG Valley
  • living room with all doors and windows open
  • bed

List of your favorite foods. Imaging how they taste in your mouth and savor the experience for a moment.

  • sushi
  • Randy’s Calabrese Special from Domenico’s in Pasadena
  • porchetta sandwich from Panozzo’s in Chicago
  • milk… all of it

List sounds you enjoy hearing: Train whistles, church chimes, birds singing, children laughing, your favorite music, etc.

  • movement of water, so rain, streams, fountains, fish tanks etc…
  • thunder
  • wind
  • fans; ceiling fan, oscillating fan, central air
  • wood crackling fire
  • mechanical clock ticking

List sights that fill your heat with joy and peace or excitement and happiness or awe.

  • Looking up at the mountains with a clear sky
  • Looking down from the mountains with a clear view
  • Looking out the window the entire time during a flight

List smells or fragrances that make you feel good or calm your spirit. Anything that triggers a feel good experience.

  • auto and motorcycle exhaust
  • mint
  • certain foods cooking

List things you enjoy touching or feeling, any pleasurable tactile experiences.

  • leather
  • cast iron

List material possessions that you truly are grateful for that bring you comfort and pleasure or make your life more enjoyable and productive.

  • bed
  • iPhone, iPad, and all of my computer gear
  • entertainment center; TV, receivers, speakers, game consoles, media players

List achievements you have accomplished in your life that make you feel proud of yourself and competent.

  • (TBD)

List things you like about yourself.

  • (TBD)

List things you think other people like about you.

  • (TBD)

List wishes you have for yourself, your life and your family.

  • (TBD)