Storm Watch 2004 1/2

If you turn on any of the local news programs right now, you would think the world was ending here in Souther California. STORM WATCH! We are on storm watch! I think it rained maybe a couple of inches and we are on STORM WATCH 2004 1/2!!! The funniest thing to see is the the reporters “live on location” standing on a corner wearing the thickest, most reflective, most colorful jacket you’ve ever seen with the hood completely up and tied while they point to the splashes the cars are making. The worst part about it is the drive. Freeways decide to just shut down for no apparent reason. Oh well.

So here’s a quick Lindsay update. Seems Miss Lohan’s new video, Rumors, is kicking some ass all over the place. The thing looks great and surprisingly doesn’t sound too bad. It was also just placed in the music videos section of the iTunes music store so check it out there. Oh, yeah. She’s still damn hot. Umm, yeah. The video is way damn hot.

I took a nice little day trip to Santa Barbara this weekend with Jessie. It was actually my first time there, but she’s lived there before so I had a good guide with me. I think I’m a little overwhelmed by the whiteness over there. Seriously, I don’t think I saw a non-white person there unless they were working for da man. I almost felt guilty just walking around on the main street. Still, the beaches were beautiful and the land is very nice. I got a fair amount of pics so you should see those soon.