Refrigerator Blues

I don’t know how many people my refrigerator has been passed down by, but I think I’m like the third to get it. It was basically abandoned at my apartment by my ex-girlfriend when she moved out. At the time, I was happy I didn’t need to go out there and spend money on an other one. Now that’s all changed. The things been leaking ever since I could remember dealing with it (which is about 2 years) and the door never did shut right (unless you kicked the bottom of it). The last couple of days, I’ve come home to an almost flooded kitchen floor. Fortunately for me, I bought another refrigerator from my friend right before he moved to Arizona. Unfortunately, the thing is only big enough to fit 2 midgets in it (1 1/2 comfortably).

What does this mean? I need to buy a refrigerator. I’m, obviously, not going to buy new so I guess it’s time to start hitting up the classifieds and Goodwill. Of do you have a better idea? I want to get something by the end of this weekend coming up, so any and all advice is great.