Realizations From Garden State

I was watching Garden State the other day and realize a couple of things. First off, I find it very easy to relate to the main character, Andrew Largeman. Here’s a depressed guy struggling with his career, completely void of showing any real emotions (although he does feel them), and not sure exactly how life should be lived. I’m not saying I’m depressed all the time, but right now, I certainly am feeling a little down. I wasn’t able to really celebrate any of the holidays because of work and the extra time I put in. As far as not showing emotions goes, that’s just something that’s been with me forever. I’m fine when it’s a forum that I’m use to (like say this blog), but in person I’m pretty numb most of the time. Ask any of my ex-girlfriends and I’m sure they’ll confirm it too. Anyway, it’s these similarities with this character that make me so much to this flick.

The second thing I realized is how it’s not such a bad thing for being like this. Why? Because I am a little more closed up and because I do struggle with what is the best way I can live my life, it’s going to take only the most amazing girl in the world to help me open up and show me how great life can really be. Isn’t that just awesome to think about? I know that a girl I meet in the future and actually will want to know will be someone that can’t help but make me a better person. My ex-girlfriends in the past have been able to help point me in the right direction, but I wouldn’t say any of them have taught me something life changing. That’s why I know the person who will affect me this way will be picture perfect. Yup, I’m claiming it right here. I can’t think of a better depiction of the “perfect girlfriend” than what Natalie Portman was in Garden State.

The perfect girlfriend.

Maybe these things really only happen in the movies. Maybe I’m just too much of a wishful thinker when it come to this kind of stuff. Still, the thought of me meeting someone as perfect and life changing as I dream of brings a smile to my face and definitely helps me get through the rut.