5 years and 740 posts later, I’ve finally retired the ever-friendly, but extremely dated Radio Userland software. As much as I loved it, Radio has pretty much been abandonware for the last 2 years. The final nail in the coffin came more than a year ago when Steve Kirks stepped down as Radio’s product manager. Thus began the search for a replacement.

With all of the options out there for web content management systems, it was easy for me to get overwhelmed, but they basically all work the same and with the help of OpenSourceCMS, I was able to narrow my selections down to two of the most popular portal CMSs out there; Joomla and Drupal. Joomla began to win me over because it was fast and the admin tools were easy to navigate. Drupal’s admin tools are a little less intuitive in my option. Ultimately, I picked Drupal because the database structure was a little easier for me to understand and, in turn, will be a major benefit when I need to tweak here and there. Whichever way I would have gone these portal-type systems are simply far more common, infinitely more flexible, and 100% free when compared to Radio.

So after a number of hours massaging older data to fit into Drupal (a lot of which I still need to clean), this can be considered a new beginning and, with that, consider this my official re-hello.