R.I.P. Acura, 1990-2003

I think it finally happened. After 196,000 miles, I think the Acura is finally ready to die. It’s on serious life support right now. Driving home from work and stuck in street traffic, I hear a poof and a large amount of smoke begins to pour from the engine compartment. Luckily I was able to turn off the main street and pull over. I turn it off, open the hood, and all you can see inside is coolant everywhere. I mean everywhere. So I’m thinking one of three things. (1) A hose busted somewhere and sprayed coolant out causing the car to overheat. This would definitely be best case scenario, although least likely. (2) The radiator cracked and sprayed coolant out causing the car to overheat. Definitely worse, but really not that bad. (3) The headers and gasket cracked spraying coolant out causing the car to overheat. This would definitely be worst case scenario and mostly like to occur. If it’s the case, Acura is going to automobile heaven where cars frolic on fields of asphalt and dirt with other cars. Thank the maker I have a couple other cars. Until I can get a better read on it, the Acura sits patiently in my parent’s driveway.

Oh one other interesting thing did happen, though. The tow truck driver was pretty damn cool. Very red, but cool. To my pleasant surprise, when I got inside the truck I was greeted by one cute blonde. (cha-ching!) Naturally, I thought it was the driver’s wife or girlfriend or something. He yell over to us from outside, “Don’t worry. She don’t bite.” I ask her if that’s true and all I get is a, “Well…”. (cha-ching again!) She was also pretty red. So I’m talking to them both on the way back and I find out she’s the driver’s sister and he’s married. Not to her! They weren’t that red you sick bastards! So we get to the place and why he’s taking the car down I go back and get her number. (triple cha-ching!) Probably wont call it because, well, because. Still, it was interesting enough to write here I guess. Her name was Shannon.

Pray for Acura. Good luck to us all…