Pre-Xmas Weekend

And so the end of the pre-Xmas weekend is here and I still haven’t done all of my shopping. Even though it’s a short week, it’s gonna be a busy one. 3 more days to rush out to the stores and buy, buy, buy. Gotta work in a hair cut somewhere in there too because I’m about a half inch away from a full on mullet at this point.

Is anyone else in the Christmas mood? I started to feel it at the beginning of December but it’s trickled off since then. There’s only one cure for it and it’s called Mickey’s Christmas Carol. That short can’t help but make me happy. Oh, and when Mickey raises his head over Tiny Tim’s grave and you can see his eyes water up… damn, it gets me every time. This is the only time of the year I’ll blow the dust off the VHS player and pop in a tape. God knows if it will ever come out to DVD.

Anyone doing anything good? It’s gonna be the family thing again just like it is every year for me. Head on over to Grandma’s and eat up a storm and then nap. Hmm. Much like Thanksgiving really. Should be ok. Looking forward to the 4 day weekend that can’t come soon enough.

Alright, time to pop in some Christmas flick and go to sleep.