Poor Neglected Site

I can’t believe the amount of neglect I’ve given this site in the last couple of months. There’s been a ton that’s happened and I haven’t said a word about it. I guess I can do some quick catching up right now.

It’s finally fall. I thought summer would never end. This is my absolute favorite time of the year. Everything turns just the right color and it gets a little colder. I love it. I know we’re already 7 days into October, but I’m still going to do the scary movie themes for this month. Probably get the first one rolling this weekend. I was going to do it last night, but the power was out over 3 blocks and I had to spend the night over at the parent’s place. Oh well.

I got back last Tuesday night from a 5 day trip to Rosarito. Lots of drinking. Lots of sleeping. Lots of fireworks. Definitely had some fun. Stayed at the friend’s dad’s beach house again. It was much needed considering how work has been lately. Got tons of pics and video I’ll share with ya soon.

As you can see, I busted a rim on my bike. That happened a couple of weeks ago from a fist-sized rock popping up and hitting it. Already bought replacement rims from eBay and have been installing them over the last couple of days. It’s amazing how much you have to go through just to replace a motorcycle wheel. Good stuff. Should have it all ready to ride again by tomorrow.

This is kinda all I have time for right now, but I’m definitely going to try and post a crap load more this month. Good for me. Bad for you.